Come Join Us!

I think all real estate agents from time to time think about making a change. Obviously, you have, or you would not have gone to this page.

Allow me to introduce our agency. We are proud to be among the largest independently owned boutique real estate offices in our region, with a track record of almost $1,000,000,000 in sales. Our offices in Lake Fork, Holly Lake Ranch, Mineola, and Winnsboro are firmly established pillars of our community. Our fundamental purpose is firmly grounded in prioritizing the best interests of our clients above all else. We firmly believe in embodying values like honesty, integrity, and hard work — the very principles that have built our great nation. Our commitment to unwavering customer service sets us apart.

We encourage you to reach out to any of Lone Star Realty's agents to gain firsthand insights into the kind of company we are. If, after exploring the above information and speaking with our agents, you have that feeling this might be the company you are looking for, come join us and start a new and exciting journey.

We have no desk fees.

We have no broker’s fees.

We have no franchise fees.

We have no monthly fees.

We have no assessment fees.

We offer free signage.

We offer free office space.

We offer free business cards.

We offer great commission splits.

We offer free professional head shots.

We offer free personalized email address.

If this sounds like something you should check into, contact me.

John A. Jarvis - Broker/Owner

Holly Lake Ranch • Lake Fork • Mineola • Winnsboro